We want to offer the best service to customers:

  • Buildings renovated to European standards.
  • Ensuring customer safety through advanced systems, security and surveillance 24/7.
  • Customize rented offices to the needs of our customers, and even free relocation from the old location.

High client satisfaction rating

5 years experience in commercial property rentals has taught us a thing or two about customer service. That’s why 20% of our customers come from client referrals.

Tailor fitting on demand

Depending on your business needs, we‘ll personalize your space. Saving you time and money while you continue to maximise productivity.

Competitive prices

By cutting out the middleman, we can offer the best prices for warehouses and office space while giving you a high quality of service.


Available Spaces






Available Surfaces SQM


We have different types of properties available; office space, office and storage,
warehouses, industrial halls and logistic centers.


New and recently refurbished offices with premium finishes, conveniently located in the centre of Bucharest. Large and small office spaces available. All our properties meet the necessary legal requirements and can be tailor fitted to your needs. We can install everything from partitions to additional bathrooms to server rooms and will even help you relocate your furniture.

Office with Storage

Ideal for businesses that sell online or have ongoing distribution into the city and need office and storage space in one location. All properties have parking facilities and are close to public transport, shopping centers and business hubs. Every office is newly built or recently refurbished and can be tailor fitted to meet your needs.

Warehouses & Logistic Centers

Find warehouse & logistics spaces with all the facilities you need to start your commercial activity immediately. All spaces are new or recently refurbished to regulatory standards. Located on major access roads, features include loading bays for heavy goods vehicles, industrial elevators and manufacturing permits. Perfect for safe, secure and efficient warehousing & production.

Facilities | Public Transport Map

Video Surveillance

Advanced systems for video surveillance in common areas for your safety and security.

Cleaning Staff

We handle the cleaning in common areas so that you don’t have to.

Dining Areas

All buildings have rest areas where your staff can dine comfortably. Smoking and non-smoking lounges .


All commercial properties come with ample parking for your staff and visitors.

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Over 120 employees have a duty to provide our customers the best service. We strive to offer the best working conditions in the rented spaces at very competitive prices.

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